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  • April 30, 2003

    thanks to a couple hardworking guys (bill bumgarner and fuse), here’s an easy way to link directly to the itunes store.

    the basic structure of the link should be as follows:

    variables passed at the end give the search terms and are as follows:

    songTerm (the title you are searching for)
    artistTerm (the artist)
    albumTerm (the album name)
    composerTerm (the composer)

    for example to do a search for fight test by the flaming lips, use this: songTerm=Fight%20Test&artistTerm=Flaming%20Lips (click to try it)

    if you want to have the results show up in itunes itself replace http with itms. (click to try the itms link) of course, that’ll only work for you mac junkies out there, but hey… i’ll probably still link to amazon from the media section but might add some additional links to the music store. maybe if the user is on a mac, display the links, hmm. tons of possibilities!

  • April 30, 2003

    new itunes, new ipod, new online music service. you go apple.

    itunes screenshot i especially like the new itunes, what with its rendezvous sharing and all… finally, i can just play all my music that’s on my desktop from my ibook. no more need to mount network drives, update multiple libraries, any of that. check out the screenshot on the right: dope shiznit all up in the wireless grill! on top of that, i can really share the music, thanks to our friend the internet. just go to connect to shared music and you’re in business. there was only one real stumbling block, the firewall i had on my desktop. to get things working, i just had to open up port 3689. i don’t know why apple doesn’t update the firewall pref pane with a checkbox for itunes sharing… oh well.

    first impressions of the online music service are also very good… previews are fast (really fast), there’s a bunch of music, and the store is freakin slick. of course, i haven’t bought anything yet, but supposedly that’s pretty smooth, too. $.99 for a song, and most albums are $9.99 (or less if it’s older)… much better than $15 for a cd that has 2 good songs on it anyway!

    on the marketing front, apple as usual comes out with some winners. a bunch of tv ads show just how much fun you can have with a new ipod, of course playing songs downloaded from the music store. duh! my personal faves are jacob doing "lose yourself" and nic doing "baby got back"…

    so tell me, apple, when can we send in our own videos?!?!?!

    update (2003.05.18): apple apparently has removed the ads from their site… too bad, they were pretty sweet. you may still be able to catch them on tv, though! good luck!

  • April 29, 2003

    i took some photos this past saturday. and when i say “some” i mean 165. although i only posted 28 of those, trust that there are some other keepers that will make an appearance at a later date. some test shots will get trashed, esp the ones where i was just playing with settings (white balance, ev compensation, flash settings, etc). even the ones i delete, though, provide a valuable learning experience, because i now (yes, right now) know the effects of my “messin around.” that’s why i’m so excited: saturday really allowed the power of shooting digital to sink in.

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  • April 27, 2003

    there's a story on billboard re the new apple online music service, which is expected to be announced monday 4/28. looks like the rumors have been true, at least to a point:

    High-quality design and simplicity of use are expected to be the hallmarks of the new digital music service from Apple Computer, to be unveiled Monday (April 28), Billboard Bulletin reports.

    Label sources tell Bulletin that the service is an a la carte download store -- not unlike that of rival Liquid Audio -- that is built into Apple's iTunes player. No subscription is required for the service, and tracks are expected to retail for an average of 99 cents. Once purchased, tracks are transferred to the consumer's iTunes music library and are automatically synched to the user's iPod portable player.

    if this all actually goes down tomorrow, i'll be interested in seeing what content is available. if they get some quality acts to get on board (which, based on the old itunes/ipod commercials seems more than possible) this might be something that takes off. i'd certainly buy a few singles for $.99 each. i'm wondering, also, what the security will be like on these files and in the online store. of course, anything can and will be hacked given enough time, so it'll be interesting to see what apple tries.

  • April 26, 2003
  • April 25, 2003

    this morning, i heard a record two of the bud light real american heroes commercials on the radio: mr. tiny thong bikini wearer and mr. chinese food delivery guy. so naturally i took it as a sign that i needed to find these online. one quick google search later, i was done. while i still need to find the video for the wingman commercial, i have successfully completed a quest that has plauged me for about 2 hours…

    check the lyrics over at neonowl’s and the audio over at smitty’s tavern. thanks for the hard work, guys!

  • April 25, 2003

    i’ve been using NetNewsWire off and on for a while now, but only recently did i start to pay attention to what was coming down the pipe. now that i’m finding less and less time to find and read what i want online, i’m forcing myself to organize my news better. this isn’t because i’m any more busy but instead because i can’t stop finding shit i want to read! why bother going to cnn and/or bbc news to check for the latest news if i can just fire up NNW see everything? all those blogs i want to read, who can keep track of it all… my point exactly…

    so give NetNewsWire a try (there’s also a lite version that is free), and while you’re at it, sign up for my rss feed.

  • April 23, 2003
  • April 21, 2003

    i'm so glad i found this article:

    Recently, the RIAA sued four college students for alleged copyright violations, including contributory infringement. The contributory infringement claims are based on assertions that the students ran search engines that can be used to find infringing files.

    Jacques Distler asks this question: When will they sue Google? Certain parts of the RIAA's complaint against the students could be reused with little or no modification in a suit against Google.
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  • April 21, 2003 andrew? for those of you asking yourselves this very question day in and day out, i've decided to make it easier to keep track of my whereabouts. enter the amazing "check out where andrew is, where andrew has been, and where he's going next" travel assistant! it includes past trips (blue circles) and future trips (orange diamonds), in addition to a big honkin arrow that shows you where i'm sitting right now. or now. how bout now?

    thanks to indy junior, developed by bryan boyer, it's a breeze to keep you all on the up and up...

    note: this is a smaller version that fits into the site. the full map in a usable size is located here

  • April 15, 2003

    looking for something to take your mind off world events? why don’t you give gulf war 2 [the game] a shot? you get to play our fearless leader bush and see what can happen when you take on the rest of the world… and if you’re still lookin for more, you can play with ashcroft online 1.0. what fun!

    and p.s. i promise this will be one of the only war-related posts i make.

  • April 15, 2003

    i took the opportunity to grab some pics tonight @ navy pier, since it’s absolutely perfect outside… (watch, $5 it’ll snow wed.) anyway, they’re posted in photography, enjoy!

  • April 14, 2003

    apple released safari beta 2 today, which includes tabbed browsing and some other improvements… i’ve had some SSL-through-a-proxy issues while at work, and safari never seemed to remember my proxy username/password (even though i checked “remember”) so we’ll see how beta 2 does…

  • April 14, 2003

    first it was snoop almost gettin himself shot. then it was one of suge knight’s boyz eating his roommate in an attempt to be more “gangsta…” yes, you read that right:

    An aspiring rap star who has been charged with murdering his roommate and eating part of her lung did so as part of his record label's plan to cultivate a "gangsta" image for him, the victim's mother charged in a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles.

    looks like the rap industry is getting itself some excellent publicity. soooooooo glad i got out of that life when i had the chance…

  • April 14, 2003

    thanks to jeff for these hot new tracks:

    welcome to india
    in da pub
  • April 12, 2003

    when you get to read quotes like these…

    "It has been rumored that we have fired scud missiles into Kuwait. I am here now to tell you, we do not have any scud missiles and I don't know why they were fired into Kuwait." "NO! We have retaken the airport. There are NO Americans there. I will take you there and show you. IN ONE HOUR!" "There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!"

    how could you not love him too?!?!?!

  • April 11, 2003

    scalping is illegal, right? turns out, it depends on who’s doing the scalping! on steve dahl today, they were talking with greg couch, a reporter for the sun times. greg did a story today about the cubs scalping their own tickets for as much as $1500 at “wrigley field premium ticket services,” just up clark from wrigley. this all comes from a lawsuit filed last october against the cubs for fraud and scalping… go cubbies!

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  • April 09, 2003

    recently, tourism offices in hong kong ran an ad campaign with a classic slogan. or at least one that will be remembered forever: “hong kong will take your breath away.” so, who do you think got fired for that one? read the full story here…

  • April 04, 2003

    while there are a bunch of sweet little cases based on the new via mini-itx mobo, this one takes the cake!

  • April 03, 2003

    for the last two days, we’ve been without cable tv. what’s more, due to our “let’s put all our eggs in one basket” mentality, we’ve been without cable internet. sure, it seems like a good plan to only have to deal with one service provider, one installation, one bill… but when one freaking cable gets disconnected from the pole in the alley, you’re in the shit.

    the only good thing about cable internet i’ve found so far is the speed. hopefully the neighborhood won’t see an explosion in the number of cable internet subscribers, so we’ll be able to keep downloading at will. so why don’t we switch to dsl then? because the real reason we don’t have dsl is that we don’t have a phone. at least not a landline. since the 3 of us each have a cell, there’s no point in paying for a phone.

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  • April 02, 2003
  • April 01, 2003

    just up’d a few pics that have been sitting around, including a couple of the salvation army thrift store on grand. before the urban list gets out of control, i’ll have to build some multiple-page doohickey. enjoy.