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  • June 27, 2005

    as many of you know, a couple weeks back i made a pretty substantial change: i moved from united airlines to fishnet security, where i’ll be helping to start and build the chicago region as a security engineer. while i’m certainly sad to leave some wonderful people (and projects and technologies) at united, this opportunity is one that i simply could not pass up.

    i hadn’t posted about the move mainly since i was still getting settled in, and was learning more and more about my role as it was defined. but now that these things are progressing nicely, what i can say is that i’ll be providing infosec solutions for fishnet’s clients – specifically in the areas of pre/post sales engineering, consulting, and support. i’ll post updates when (and if) i can.

    if you’re saying “yay, but what does this mean for me?” i can tell you a couple things – you can’t email me at united anymore and you can’t call my old cell phone. :) obviously many of you know how to get in touch with me, so this isn’t an issue, but if you don’t feel free to drop me a note and i can get you my new info. or find me on linkedin, especially if you’re an industry contact. and naturally if you’re looking for some information security solutions get in touch with me at fishnet…

    thanks to everyone that has made these past few years special. i truly have learned a great deal during my time at united, and i only hope the feeling was, in the slightest way, mutual. take care.

  • June 23, 2005
  • June 04, 2005
  • June 04, 2005

    that’s right, when we go places we don’t just go… we rock them. i’m talking me, elena, jeff, and lisa – taking san diego by storm. at the mission valley resort, we got adjoining rooms to create our party home base. and thanks to some new speakers jeff picked up at the local apple store the tunes were sounding pretty smooth. but seriously, we had a great time, even though it was only for a few days.

    the key to short vacas (IMHO) is to break up the days into little mini-vacations themselves. one day, do this, another, do this, etc. it doesn’t have to be a fully developed plan, don’t get me wrong… i honestly hate spec’ing everything out, since that’s more work than fun. but it really does help to focus on the key places you’d like to visit or those few things you just have to do, especially if you’re on a short timetable. take paris, where my first trip of 3 days was broken up into the following:

    1. eiffel tower, notre dame, & l'arc de triomphe
    2. montmartre and sacre coeur
    3. versailles

    boom! right there i covered most everything i’d been dreaming about since i started taking french. sure, i skipped the louvre and some other key areas, but that’s what the next trip(s) are for. of course, along the way, you can squeeze a ton of little activies, too, such as “having breakfast at an outdoor cafe” or “taking the metro” or

    in san diego our days broke down like so:

    1. pool and gaslamp
    2. san diego zoo and gaslamp again
    3. mission beach, more gaslamp :)
    4. fashion valley mall, old town, embarcadero, & little italy

    a little bit of everything, and most exploring done on the last day. perfect. and we have the pics to prove it.