Posts from October 2004

  • October 31, 2004

    now, why would i say something crazy like that?!?! because green bay beat the washington redskins this fine sunday, thereby prophetizing kerry’s win on tuesday. i wasn’t expecting such a huge turnout in the press, but i guess i didn’t think they’d blow something completely out of proportion. oh wait…. :) so, as proof, here’s the article from reuters, published a couple hours ago:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Washington Redskins lost their final home football game before the U.S. presidential election on Sunday -- and that's great news for Democratic Sen. John Kerry and bad news for President Bush. In every presidential election since 1936, the Redskins' last home game has accurately predicted the winner. If they win, the incumbent president's party wins. If they lose, the challenger wins. The Redskins lost to Green Bay 28-14 and Kerry quickly celebrated. "I couldn't be more thrilled with the Packers win today," Kerry said in a statement. "The Packers have done their part, this Tuesday I'll do mine." The loss by the Redskins was made sweeter since it came to the Green Bay Packers of Green Bay, Wisconsin -- a swing state where Packer football is akin to religion and one Kerry might need to defeat Bush in Tuesday's voting.
  • October 30, 2004

    granted, the u2 special edition ipod is a pretty cool – if you like u2 and only need 20GB of storage that is. but i’m thinking i’d much rather have an ashlee simpson karaoke edition one… courtesy of airbag industries, hopefully it’ll still be posted by the time you make your way over there!

  • October 10, 2004

    shot night 4 was in full effect this weekend, and broke all previous attendance records… there were a lot of fresh new faces, not to mention DDR (ok, stepmania, whatever). by all accounts, things went pretty smoothly, especially in the “puke in andrew’s kitchen sink and/or bathroom” department!

    mad love to matt, who made it all the way up from bloomington to capture the SN crown with 16 shots. hopefully we’ll follow through with the trophy idea and get him something to defend next time… elena managed to hold down 2nd place with a strong score of 14, showing what can happen when you arrive on time.