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  • July 26, 2004

    here’s to tim and jenn, on both their wedding (mucho belated) and their reception! if you didn’t know, they got married last january at the garfield park conservatory, and then had their reception this weekend in bloomington at central station. eating, drinking, dancing… all the good stuff you’d expect but with a unique mills’ twist including some quality dinner music (post that playlist, punk). there was also, thanks to tim, a strong aversion to common reception muzak. even still, the DJ managed to squeeze in YMCA and the chicken dance, ha!

    for more info swing by the wedding site. if you don’t care about tim’s awesomeness (the site rocks) you should at least stop by for some of my photos. and bug tim about the dinner music playlist, would you?

  • July 13, 2004
  • July 12, 2004

    FYI, the stottsan digital media site is undergoing a redesign. figured it was about time to revamp and allow for some photo showcasing, etc… should be ready shortly, but for now enjoy a splash page that gives a preview of the future design. yay!

  • July 12, 2004

    a while back i posted this about how i’m an awesome cook… certainly (despite the crappy photo) that meal rocked, but i now realize just how fantabulous i truly am. last week i made 3 kickass dinners (“stott’s spinach salad,” “holy-shit-that’s-spicy italian sausage omelet,” and “teriyaki-ginger stir fry”) and i’ve decided to share the wealth with you all in the form of recipes the stottsan way. so give these a shot and let me know what you think.

    stott’s spinach salad

    ingredients: » a boatload of fresh spinach » 3 strips bacon » 1 sweet red bell pepper » 2 hard boiled eggs » 2 green onions » cherry tomatos » creamy caesar dressing » fresh-ground pepper

    instructions: » cook bacon well-done, then crumble » tear up the spinach, duh » cut up pepper into chunks, slice onions & eggs » mix all ingredients in bowl adding dressing to taste » add some fresh-ground pepper if you like » serve and worship my genius

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  • July 10, 2004

    last weekend, on the 4th, i was having lunch in greektown when greece won euro cup 2004. talk about a crazy street party, damn! everyone spilled out from 9 muses after the game ended and within minutes halsted was shut down. there were some idiots that insisted on throwing fireworks around, but for the most part everyone was just interested in having a good time – including the one dude that got up on a cta bus…

    for some reason, no tv crews showed up, and i didn’t see any photographers. on that note, if anyone wants to purchase some pics (starting here) for your paper, drop me a line… the cops took an hour to officially close down the street, and even then they didn’t venture into the crowd. finally they started mingling, and a couple looked like they were having a great time. maybe they figured it was better than looking around for illegal fireworks parties and underage drinking…

  • July 04, 2004