Posts from April 2004

  • April 25, 2004

    jesus, alias has reached a new low.

    on tonight’s episode the CIA needed to find someone but wasn’t having any luck. however they did have a brainwave scan spit out by a wooden box (don’t ask). no sooner than i asked myself “how the crap can you find someone using only a brainwave scan” did someone invent “remote encephalography.” yeah, remotely reading someone’s brainwaves. how remotely? from space.

    seems the DoD had a project that built a satellite network for situations just like these, and by the time sloan had finished explaining the theory to sydney they’d already pinpointed the location. and by pinpointed i mean in chechnya, in a labor camp, under an alias, and in sector C. damn, that was fast.

    ha. big freakin’ ha.

  • April 07, 2004

    jesus, you know catchphrases have reached their peak when they show up on south park… in tonight’s episode the boys are playing in the parking lot when some punk kids come up to them with a boombox and get their dance on. needless to say, the boys get served! when stan’s dad finds out, he’s all concerned:

    stanley, when someone challenges you to dance, you have to dance back at them, or else they'll think you're weak. [so] it's about time you learned. put on some loose-fitting clothes and meet me in the garage."

    it was funny on SNL when they did the sketch w/ christina, but it was even better seing animated kids breakdancing. and SNL certainly didn’t give me the life lesson of “if you get served, and serve it back, then it’s on!”

    all that said, though, i’m left with one question: why haven’t i been served?!?!