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  • August 31, 2004

    wow, stephen colbert really laid into the RNC on the daily show tonight. because i'm incredibly dorky, here's the transcription (J is jon stewart and S is stephen)...

    J: what'd you make of last night's focus on 9/11?
    S: well, remember john, 9/11 and it's aftermath bring to mind a time of unprecedented national unity, when from the crucible of an unthinkable tragedy, there arose a steely patriotism, transcending ideology and partisanship. that stuff kills in the swing states. those nascar dads suck it down in a feeding tube.
    J: so you had no problem with it?
    S: john, i found it crass-tastic. the message was delivered by republican's most popular figures, john mccain and rudolph giuliani, two men of bravery and leadership, qualities the president would very much like associated with him.
    J: what is tonight's theme?
    S: tonight, they took last night's theme ("a bush victory would bring closure to the 9/11 families") and built on it with a theme of compassion. we heard from widows, orphans, the enfeebled, the limb-less, all raising their voices in support of the president, whose compassion, like the olympics, triumphantly springs forth every 4 years. you see, it all goes with the overall theme for this convention: "a time of unmitigated gall."
    J: but stephen, to be fair, aren't all political conventions manipulative?
    S: no. john, to call this convention manipulative would be to call marcel marceau a little quiet. these people are artists, operating at the peak of their abilities. take for example thursday night's theme: "fuck you, what are you going to do about it?"
    J: that can't be right, stephen, that sounds absolutely awful!
    S: yeah, but... ya know, fuck us, what are we going to do about it?

  • August 26, 2004

    with all the recent press about dave matthew’s band’s tour bus dumping waste from the kinzie street bridge, this photo has been getting me a ton of traffic. mostly from bastards linking to it from bulletin boards like this across the web… a google search for “kinzie street bridge” does yield me as the top hit, for some crazy reason.

    way to go, all you peeps taking credit for my photo. keep up the great work. :)

    update: on a related note my walsh and may stand ready photo is currently #4 in a google images search. booya.

  • August 26, 2004

    this online movie was made for america coming together, and features will ferrell’s classic gee-dubya impersonation… “straight talk! from white house west in crawford, texas.” there are some other interesting shorts there (like an american voice) so be sure to stop on by. oh, and remember to vote. :)

  • August 13, 2004

    if you’ve played soul calibur before, you might like this video right heere… (even if you haven’t, it’s still pretty damn cool.) basically some guys choreographed the characters dancing, and did not program anything. crazy.

  • August 11, 2004

    check this out, from techiegold's "salary report" page for chicago:

    The major players on the Chicago IT scene are not VC-backed new kids on the block, but rather blue-chip companies showing steady growth. You've heard of Bank One, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and United Airlines? They're all major employers in this market.

    Almost half of TechieGold's Chicago-area placements are networking professionals, while Application Development positions are on the rise. Overall, we've found that most employers in this region are looking for "jack-of-all-trades" IT professionals who are willing to be flexible.

    don't know how i feel about being lumped in with bank one and bc/bs... i actually don't know how i feel about being included on this list! how do you think they picked those 3 as the "enterprises-to-mention" in the chicagoland area, anyway? what about allstate, boeing, and a lot of other places? i suppose we have quite a large number of IT people here, though. it'd be interesting to see the numbers for other companies.

  • August 10, 2004

    picked up my airport express today, and it rocks the house. seriously, it rocks the house! the setup was completely painless: installed the software, launched the airport express assistant, told it to connect to my existing wireless network, entered a password to save the settings, and it was done. now i’m cranking music through the onkyo, via the ibook, from my futon. and because i’m lazy (and have all the tunes on my desktop in my bedroom instead of on my laptop) i just plugged in the ipod and used that for a library source. quick ‘n pretty damn clean.

    needless to say, the sound quality is excellent – no buzzing, hums, ground loops, or anything… just crystal clear, full, rich music like you’d get on the soundsticks, albeit on a real stereo. :) can’t even imagine how great the digital output would be… too bad the stereo only has one digital input that’s currently being used for the dvd player, not to mention i’d have to pick up another cable.

    i’m almost upset my original airport covers my condo so well… there’s no need to use the airport express to extend the range! and i’ve already got the printer being shared in the bedroom, so that’s another wasted feature. still, it was more than worth it for the ability to stream music to my stereo. go buy yours now.

  • August 02, 2004
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