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  • July 17, 2013

    This past weekend, Elena and I hit up Volleywood 2013 at North Avenue Beach with Jeff and Lisa. Partly because Too White Crew and Nelly were performing on the beach, but mostly because it was a Saturday in Chicago during the summer, and that’s just the type of thing that we’re down for. A few Bloody Marys and a few pair of sunglasses later, you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome afternoon.

    To cap off the day, we headed to Frontier for some snacks and cocktails. They never disappoint.

  • July 17, 2013

    On July 9, 2013, our friend Tom Ziarko lost his battle with Stage IV metastatic melanoma, and everyone that knew Tom lost a huge part of themselves. Tom had been fighting hard against his cancer, and his girlfriend Colleen had been leading the charge to raise money in order to help pay Tom’s medical bills and lift his spirits.

    Part of that effort was to assemble a team, Truckin’ it for Tom, to take part in the 2013 Miles for Melanoma Teb’s Troops 5K Run/Walk at Montrose Harbor. Over the course of a few weeks, the team grew to 82 members, and raised nearly $7,000 to help fund melanoma research. Despite losing Tom that very week, everyone knew how crucial the walk was; one donation, one drug trial, one checkup, could make the difference for the next person.

    So we walked.

    Such a sad day, Tom, now that you’re no longer with us… Just as Colleen is family, so are you, and none of us will ever forget the light that you brought into each of our lives.

    Rest easy, my friend.

  • September 28, 2012

    When Tony asked if we might be free for a Cubs night game, Elena and I didn’t have to think too hard. And when we found out how amazing the seats were, we knew that we’d made the right call… Instead of “Club Box” they should just name the section “Awesome” and be done with it.

    What a perfect night, too. Definitely glad I brought the Contax with; all images were shot on Kodak Ektar and Kodak Portra 400.

  • September 14, 2012

    Every so often, I get to travel to Madison, WI for work. It’s a great town, with some wonderful bars and restaurants — I’m looking at you Cooper’s, Old Fashioned, and Whiskey Jack’s… On this past trip, I brought along some film and lucked out with a beautiful night. These images were shot with the Contax 645 on Kodak Ektar and Kodak Portra 400.

  • September 09, 2012

    Tradition. That’s what the yearly May Fest (okay, Maifest) and German Fest gatherings have become for us. Twice a year, we spend a Saturday afternoon drinking huge mugs of beer, eating sausages and sauerkraut, and listening to polka. Then, afterwards, we hit up Lincoln Square Lanes for some bowling, cocktails, and, if we’re lucky, more polka. It never disappoints.

    We hit a new attendance record for this year’s May Fest, and even managed to squeeze in some Garcia’s mex afterwards. This past weekend, E was out of town, so Jeff & Lisa and I met up with Andreas & Marisa for German Fest’s daytime activities. Jett joined us for drunk bowling, which is at once easier and more difficult than sober bowling. Try it sometime.

    I never posted my May Fest images, so I decided to combine them with my shots from German Fest. The May Fest 2012 images are a mix of 35mm (Nikon F100) and medium format (Contax 645), and were shot on Fuji 400H and Ilford XP2 (B&W). The German Fest 2012 ones are digital, and were processed with VSCO Film using the Fuji 800Z, and Kodak TRI-X 400++ presets.

    Oh, and if you’re interested in the reliving fun from previous years, check out May Fest 2010 and May Fest 2011, too!

    May Fest 2012

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  • September 05, 2012

    Thanks to Jeff, I was able to hit one last Cubs game in 2012 last Friday. It was crazy hot, but we rocked it anyway… We met up with Jay & Amy, too, whose wedding I’m shooting next fall — needless to say it was a pretty good time. The D700 came along for the ride, and all of these photos were processed using VSCO Film, specifically the Fuji 400H+, Fuji Superia 800+, Kodak TRI-X 400++, and Fuji Neopan 1600++ presets.

  • November 23, 2011

    As I mentioned before, film captures the look of summer in a truly special way. As the cold sets in, here are a few last images of summer’s warmth, shot on 35mm Fuji Pro 400H… Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!