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  • March 21, 2005

    although the shot night machine reached new heights with SN4, we knew that we had to break even more new ground with SN5. and so not only did we plan “an international affair” this time, we did a little bit more: we registered and built a whole freaking web app. geektastic, i know, but would you expect anything less?!?! before i show you the screnshots of the scoring app, though, here’s the recap.

    first, let me say that everyone puled their weight. if it hadn’t been for our new DQ rule (i.e. “puke and you’re done”) the results would’ve turned out completely differently. the top 3 finishers, sarah (14), brian (12), and elena (11) all wound up losing… if you know what i mean… so a big congrats goes to brad, aka “silent stalker” who held his 11 shots down (without any problem) to win. matt, our previous winner, took 2nd place with 10 shots, and jeff and i rounded out the top 3 with 9.

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  • March 12, 2005