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  • June 28, 2003
  • June 26, 2003

    anyone watch tv lately? i’ve recently gotten into it again, thanks to a slew of wacked out shows that i can’t avoid. first of all, you’ve got the obvious reality shows like “for love or money” and “real world paris”… but then, just when we thought there couldn’t be a better way to make chicks act like whores, along comes “paradise hotel!” (or as money calls it “paradise HOT-el”) now this is my kind of show: in order to stay on the show, you have to hook up. like really really hook up. it is kinda funny, though, that after only a week on the show, everyone has found their soulmate and get upset when that person flirts with anyone… “i thought we had a connection, but now i don’t know…” suckahs…

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  • June 21, 2003
  • June 20, 2003
  • June 14, 2003

    if you’re looking for a better way to get album art than downloading it manually and linking it to your music, search no further. fetch art for itunes is a plugin that downloads album art from amazon and adds it to the mp3’s id3 tag. while clutter is still cool for displaying the art on the desktop and in the dock, fetch art is so much easier to use. instead of only working on songs that are playing, fetch art can work on a group of songs, a playlist, or your whole library. just select some songs, run fetch art, and booyakasha you’re downloading the album art and updating the id3 tags. a couple caveats though: fetch art ties up itunes while it’s running, so don’t do it when you want to have control. fetch art also only works on mp3 files, so don’t bother trying to get art for your aac files. :)

  • June 12, 2003

    i used to live week to week, scavaging for quarters like a fat little squirrel digs around for nuts. sometimes the things were damn tough to find, and lugging what i could scrounge up around in my cheeks made life pretty difficult… i found myself trading my other change for quarters and “buying” them for cold hard cash. not the way to live, for sure…

    see, i rent, and as such don’t get the luxury of having my own washer/dryer. believe it or not, i have to go all the way down to the basement, a whole freaking 10 steps! of course, even being able to do a load once i get there is contingent on the washer/dryer being open. this crazy lady that lives underneath us has the tendency to go out of town after putting a load in… then she even has the never to get mad at me for taking her shit out and piling it neatly on top of the dryer so i can get my laundry on!

    anyway, with the current rate per load up to $2.25 ($1.25/wash and $1.00/dry) i was looking at needing 9 or 18 quarters each week! i can’t perform under that kind of pressure, i just can’t. luckily though, my mom stepped in to save the day. she gave me a big tin filled with quarters, so now i don’t have to go for weeks without clean clothes… yesss-ah!

  • June 05, 2003

    cubs new logo

    with all the news surrounding sammy and his cork i just couldn’t pass these up. the new cubs logo at the right comes from a forward (i don’t know who actually made it), and the top ten list obviously from letterman last night…

    top ten sammy sosa explanations

    10. “My mind was clouded by the anabolic steroids” 9. “Damn Al-Qaeda” 8. “I may be a strong guy, but those bats is heavy” 7. “I wanted to catch the premiere of ‘American Juniors’ – man, those kids can sing!” 6. “Hans Blix checked my bat for three months without finding any cork” 5. “Wanted to do something to take the heat off my girlfriend, Martha Stewart” 4. “Threat of rain necessitated a more buoyant bat” 3. “If you hit home runs you get paid $20 million a year, dumb ass” 2. “I was Punk’d” 1. “Pete Rose bet me I wouldn’t do it”

  • June 02, 2003

    …unless you want to once and for all convince yourself that cutting your arm off with a dull knife isn’t the worst possible experience a human can endure. laugh if you want, but i’m seriously not joking. from a pissed-at-the-world checkin lady to an alkie mom traveling alone with her two kids, i’ve seen it all in just 2 flights on spirit. and i have somehow lived to tell about it.

    last saturday (may 24, 2003) kelly and i flew spirit airlines from chicago to orlando, in preparation for our bahamas cruise leaving from port canaveral. seemed like a great idea @ the time: guaranteed seats for $200 RT… but as soon as we hit terminal 3 at o’hare, we knew something was amiss. while we were checking our bags (which took about 5 hours, considering kelly had an extra for shoes, duh) the couple in front of us was trying to figure out what to do with their cat. you see, the carrier they’d bought was supposedly “certified” to fit under the seat, but the spirit checkin lady told them it was too big. “what do you mean? i bought a certified one, so shouldn’t it fit?” asked the man. “nope, it won’t fit,” answered the spirit chick. “can you measure it?” “no, i can tell by looking at it that it won’t fit.” now, hold up, wait a minute. take 5 seconds, measure it, and make this guy’s day. she wouldn’t have any of that, though.

    anyway, the couple decided to call a friend to pick up the cat. “we found someone who can pick it up in 30 minutes, but our flight is in 45 min. can someone watch the cat until our friend can get here?” now this seems like a reasonable question, especially in the quest to determine poor fluffy’s fate. “are you crazy?!?!?!?! we can’t take that kind of responsibility!” wait, since when do we ask customers if they are crazy? guess i missed that day of training, hmmm…

    meanwhile our checkin lady ripped our boarding passes (which i printed myself from the web, secure, secure) in half and said “oops. i wasn’t supposed to do that.” ok, am i supposed to care? she continued with “if they ask at security, can you tell them you did it? they’ll be less upset than if they knew i tore them…” something tells me that i answered no, and that something is right.

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  • June 02, 2003

    while i still have a few minutes left to celebrate, today marks the 1 yr anniv of our moving into the apartment! yay! hard to believe it’s already been a year! whatev, i’m just glad it’s time to enjoy another fun summer in the city…

  • June 01, 2003

    as many (all 2 of you) know, i just got back from a 4-day bahamas cruise… (unfortunately for me, i’m sitting here in 38 degree chicago instead of on a sunny 88 degree beach, but hey…) so anyway, are you interested in my cruise? well, don’t stress, cause i gotz just the thing for you: starting monday, i’ll be posting installments of my cruise travelogue. complete with a play-by-play of the highlights, this will be part of a new posting category, appropriately entitled travelogue. until then. though, you’ll just have to wait.