June 12, 2003



i used to live week to week, scavaging for quarters like a fat little squirrel digs around for nuts. sometimes the things were damn tough to find, and lugging what i could scrounge up around in my cheeks made life pretty difficult… i found myself trading my other change for quarters and “buying” them for cold hard cash. not the way to live, for sure…

see, i rent, and as such don’t get the luxury of having my own washer/dryer. believe it or not, i have to go all the way down to the basement, a whole freaking 10 steps! of course, even being able to do a load once i get there is contingent on the washer/dryer being open. this crazy lady that lives underneath us has the tendency to go out of town after putting a load in… then she even has the never to get mad at me for taking her shit out and piling it neatly on top of the dryer so i can get my laundry on!

anyway, with the current rate per load up to $2.25 ($1.25/wash and $1.00/dry) i was looking at needing 9 or 18 quarters each week! i can’t perform under that kind of pressure, i just can’t. luckily though, my mom stepped in to save the day. she gave me a big tin filled with quarters, so now i don’t have to go for weeks without clean clothes… yesss-ah!