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  • July 27, 2003
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  • July 16, 2003

    steak dinner, mmm tonight i made dinner. and not just your everyday lipton noodles or reheated pizza, but the type of dinner you want to tell everyone about. (but not quite in the in progress sense of tell…)

    it started off as just a frozen steak left to me by my recently-floridianized parents. defrosted that in the micro for a few minutes, then marinated in italian dressing and coated in garlic powder. smellin great already! i broiled that in the oven for a while, flipping every 10 minutes or so. then i started thinking: what else can i add? cheese, always good. red onions, of course. and salsa. definitely a mexican theme, i can’t deny it.

    i grilled the onions for a bit in a frying pan, just to get them a little browned. but i needed a side. creamed spinach (don’t laugh, i love it) seemed like a perfect fit. so i nuked that, and did the steak decorating in the meantime. tossed it all together, garnished with a nice red ring of salsa, beautiful. how did it taste? i am the iron chef.

  • July 15, 2003

    yesterday afternoon joe and i went to the futures game and the celebrity softball game, both part of all-star festivities here in chicago… there were some nice plays in both games, but the best part of the day was getting to drool over shannon elizabeth and sarah silverman. we didn’t win the “sit-your-ass-in-the-dugout” prize, but it was great to stare from afar. sure, i didn’t get to impress either of them with my onion-pepper-mustard-brat-breath (which most certainly would’ve sealed the deal) but i’m betting they’ll be calling this week…

    anyway, i got some stadium shots (1 2) and a couple of the fans (1 2)… enjoy!
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  • July 05, 2003
    this weather is crazy. 90 degrees, humid, and no breeze to speak of. perfect for billions of people to flock downtown and experience the taste of chicago! at least today @ north ave beach, there was a breeze and things were livable for a few minutes… as difficult as it is just to walk to the car, though, the weather makes for some great photos! i’ve been able to grab a few in the past couple days, including these (1 2) of a hydrant-become-sprinkler in wicker park and this of a girl in old town. as soon as i get up the nerve to venture outside again, i’ll be sure to bring the camera with.
  • July 04, 2003
  • July 03, 2003

    no really, this is serious. what would he drive? i think he would be pimpin an f’ing ferrari or something. maybe a mini, if he’s feeling frisky. i mean, if you’re jesus, would you really want to be caught dead (or perhaps resurrected) in an escort? but there’s no sense in having a debate about it here, let’s turn to the experts.

    if you’re wondering where this all is coming from, look no further than tonight’s episode of tough crowd w/ colin quinn. colin’s got stephen colbert (you might remember him from such hilarious cc shows as the daily show) in addition to regulars jim norton (“i’d love some tv advertising that was actually targeted at me – that way i wouldn’t have to watch freakin tampon and yeast infection commercials all day!”) and greg giraldo (“it seems like only yesterday i was your age, pulling out and praying every month…”).

    colbert was great as usual, countering colin’s stammering with such classics as “sure the ‘what would jesus drive’ commercial is representative of everyone’s religion – when they say ‘in god we trust’ what god do you think they mean? you don’t see people clamoring to put zoroaster on the dollar bill!” and “to help bridge the transition between college and the real world, let me suggest a discrete and passionate affair with a man in his late 30’s… let me stress the discrete part: this man has a family and he loves them very much. let me also stress the passionate part: the sex should be crazy. ya know, the stuff that can get you kicked out of thailand.”

    that is crazy.

  • July 03, 2003

    surfing rules, and big props to boarding house for bringing this midwesterner some north shore action! the beach, the sun, the waves, it all brings back the memories of my trips to hawaii. but it’s so much more than just the elements – it’s the surfer chicks that really do it for me! duh. holly beck and vk – you can’t go wrong with these two. sure they’re no kate bosworths, but hey, whaddya gonna do. i’m just pissed the show is on the wb, what we need is a surf chick show on e! or maybe even showtime… that’d do it.