Posts from 12 2003

  • December 26, 2003

    i followed a slashdot link to tips for traveling with tech gear, thinking it’d offer some insight… instead, it basically said “carry less tech shit,” as if that was a revalation. personally, i’d prefer to bring less clothes than less gear, but that’s just me. here’s the best quote from the article:

    "You need less electronic junk than you may think, and it's important to take advantage of the chance to unplug," says Rob Pegoraro, consumer technology editor for the Washington Post. "Try living without the iPod for a few days. One cell phone is enough and the BlackBerry doesn't need to follow you everywhere. Most important, leave the laptop at home unless somebody's paying you to take it along--borrow friends' computers or stop in any cybercafe if you feel compelled to check your e-mail. If you do bring a laptop, leave as many of its accessories at home as possible."

    is he for real? try living without the iPod for a few days? the whole point of having the iPod is to take your music with you, especially on a flight. plus, honestly, it’s the lowest-maintenance gadget i seem to have, next to the cell. iPod + headphones + charger = easy.

    i must admit, though, this little quote struck home. i travel pretty gadget-heavy: iBook, iPod, cell, blackberry (work), chargers, etc. and usually the d100 comes along for the flight, complete with lenses, CF cards, flash, batteries… but hey, i really don’t mind. all of it goes through the xray without incident, and it keeps me busy when i’m waiting for my name to be called!

    happy holidays, everyone. travel safe.

  • December 20, 2003
  • December 18, 2003

    staying home sick, especially w/out cable, is just torture. i did it once monday, and unfortunately had to do it again today… today has been better, both in terms of my health and in terms of what’s on tv…

    on monday i was flipping through channels, and came across good day live on fox. there’s nothing like watching three completly self-involved idiots (including henry winkler and that chick from extreme dating) putting their own personal spin on biggest news story of the past year:

    "when i first saw the saddam video, i thought 'why are they checking fidel castro for lice?!?!' my son thought it was santa....... and did you know that time magazine was going to run a cover of jesus christ, but replaced it with saddam. from one bearded middle-eastern guy to another!"

    and just to give you some idea of the REST of the 5 minutes i watched… the next “story” was a wonderfully setup clip of henry winkler on “arrested development:”

    "so, this weekend, what'd you do henry?" "well, i actually had a great weekend, i was on arrested development."

    and then, one of them had the nerve to stop the producers from going to commercial with: “no no, don’t run the music. i have one more thing before commercial.” huh? they can do that? must be a living hell to work on that show.

  • December 17, 2003

    i’ve been using mozilla firebird for a while now, both on my windows and linux boxen at work… very happy with it, especially after i got the flash plugin installed. a lot faster than IE, and of course it blows normal mozilla out of the water! i guess after using safari for so long i’ve just become accustomed to things like tabbed browsing, google search bar, popup blocking, and a straightforward interface. nice to get them back when i’m not on my mac!

    anyway, figured i’d share, and see if anyone has given firebird a shot…

  • December 06, 2003

    you remember her, right? fez’s insanely posessive girlfriend that holds her breath while they’re separated? she’s the reason i watch what i like about you. i swear. :) while it totally is a cheesy cheesy cheesy show, it’s actually not a horrible way to waste half an hour. i mean, you’ve got amanda bynes, jennie garth, leslie grosseman, and (of course) allison munn. this week they almost went on a ski trip. i say almost because we never got to the actual skiing, since they got all confused about boys. duh. oh well, maybe next week they’ll do something interesting. if not, there’s always one tree hill

  • December 04, 2003

    dear midway games (a.k.a. “the blitz people”):

    while i appreciate your current “blitz-style” offerings, i am writing to tell you that there is an overwhelming and unmistakable void in your catalog. NFL blitz pro and NHL hitz pro (hell, even MLB slugfest 2004) are great, but i need more. where is my LPGA blitz?!?!?! i’ve looked everywhere but it plain just doesn’t seem to exist… so, in case you haven’t developed this sure-to-be-blockbuster title yet and are looking for some input…

    first of all, just take a moment to try and imagine some of the endless possibilities that come with ladies golf on steroids. 800-yard par 3’s, 500-yard drives, WWE-style bonecrushing tackles, lightning storms, underwater mode, tag-team caddying… and all with no penalties! not to mention the crazy antics that can be had with the tricked out golf carts! wow! this is just the tip of the iceberg – the list really does go on and on!

    think half golden tee, half grand theft auto, and half unreal tournament. oh, and my buddy joe wanted me to let you know that he thinks velociraptors are freakin’ awesome, hint hint!

    anyway, thank you for your time and consideration. if you need any help whatsoever in bringing to the masses what you certainly have already contemplated internally, don’t hesistate to call! i’d love to be a part of it, thanks again!