open letter to midway games

December 04, 2003



dear midway games (a.k.a. “the blitz people”):

while i appreciate your current “blitz-style” offerings, i am writing to tell you that there is an overwhelming and unmistakable void in your catalog. NFL blitz pro and NHL hitz pro (hell, even MLB slugfest 2004) are great, but i need more. where is my LPGA blitz?!?!?! i’ve looked everywhere but it plain just doesn’t seem to exist… so, in case you haven’t developed this sure-to-be-blockbuster title yet and are looking for some input…

first of all, just take a moment to try and imagine some of the endless possibilities that come with ladies golf on steroids. 800-yard par 3’s, 500-yard drives, WWE-style bonecrushing tackles, lightning storms, underwater mode, tag-team caddying… and all with no penalties! not to mention the crazy antics that can be had with the tricked out golf carts! wow! this is just the tip of the iceberg – the list really does go on and on!

think half golden tee, half grand theft auto, and half unreal tournament. oh, and my buddy joe wanted me to let you know that he thinks velociraptors are freakin’ awesome, hint hint!

anyway, thank you for your time and consideration. if you need any help whatsoever in bringing to the masses what you certainly have already contemplated internally, don’t hesistate to call! i’d love to be a part of it, thanks again!