Posts from September 2003

  • September 21, 2003
  • September 16, 2003

    omg. i’ve totally been wasting my potential at work. i could be stealth disco-ing. make sure you check out the best of stealth disco while you’re there! hopefully everyone will start this to some degree, we need more disco in the work environment…

  • September 14, 2003

    “you know, we haven’t done shots in a really long time.” “hey, you know who loves shots? jeff and lisa.” that was the conversation that gave birth to pure genius: shot night.

    so what exactly is shot night? you see the post-its here on jeff and lisa’s cabinet? each post-it stands for a shot. the ones on the left were done by joe, jeff, and me. the ones on the right were done by lisa and sarah. consider each row a round, and when there’s a “branch” on the shot tree, that’s an individual player’s shot. that’s shot night. if you’re lucky, you’ll even name a new shot. jabull (pronounced “yay-bull”): jager + red bull. mmm…

    allright, time for the stats:

    the shots (and total number of each) shot night scoreboard

    jabull: 17.5 red bull + vodka: 8 irish car bombs: 6 (more than a shot, duh) jager: 5 belve: 5 lemondrop: 5 vodka + livewire: 5 vodka + dew: 3 baby guinness: 2 baileys on the rocks: 2 (ok, it's not a shot) goldie: 2

    individual scores

    joe: 13.5 sarah: 13.5 andrew: 12.5 jeff: 12.5 lisa: 9.5 matt: 2 (he had wine, too, don't worry)

    total shots done: 63.5

    and then we went out. yeah, that’s shot night. that’s badass.

  • September 14, 2003

    i’m very depressed. no one, in an entire week, has commented on super pigeon. i have logs. i know you’re looking at it! does this rare moment, captured for all eternity, not make you fall down laughing like it did me?!?! this poor little guy sacrafices day in and day out, making sure the city is safe. the least you could do is send him some love. that’s all anyone is asking of you.

  • September 14, 2003

    the internet is a wonderful thing. i heart jt

    here i am, sittin around without a tv, tryin to figure out how i’m going to get my daily dose of pop culture… enter, full of all the crap i’ve been missing. and what’s more, i can actually watch videos, something normal MTV never let me do!!! sure, there was always MTV2 and MTV Hits and so on, but having on-demand access to it all just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

    anyway, about the image here… i’ve been scouring around for live concert videos, and found justin timberlake, live in london, doing seniorita. it was broadcast on MTV, or at least that’s what i’m thinking based on the MTV/jt logo in the corner. these girls popped on the screen for a sec, and boom, a post photo was born. (plus, i wanted to give joe something pg-13 to look at while working.) i wonder if they knew the show was being broadcast? or perhaps the “i heart jt” shirts are just part of their normal concert outfits? either way, i’m thinking that london trip shouldn’t be too far off…

  • September 07, 2003
  • September 03, 2003

    satisfaction clipsfirst, hella mad props to najim for this. and then a quick but sincere WTF to everyone else for not bringing this to my attention sooner. i mean, honestly… what did you think you were accomplishing by hiding this from me?!?!? no good can come from deceit, people. no good.

    if you’re still in the dark despite these freeze frames here, i suppose i feel more sorry than anything else. check out benny benassi’s video: satisfaction. (just select your connection speed and be patient.) make sure you’re in a secluded environment, though, since the video features a bunch of models using power tools. really, that’s basically it. of course, they’re all hot, and have basically nothing on, so what more do you need? … … … … … … …sorry i had to go watch it again. and speaking of which, why are you still reading this?!?! the video awaits!!! go go go!!!!!!!

  • September 02, 2003