shot night

September 14, 2003



“you know, we haven’t done shots in a really long time.” “hey, you know who loves shots? jeff and lisa.” that was the conversation that gave birth to pure genius: shot night.

so what exactly is shot night? you see the post-its here on jeff and lisa’s cabinet? each post-it stands for a shot. the ones on the left were done by joe, jeff, and me. the ones on the right were done by lisa and sarah. consider each row a round, and when there’s a “branch” on the shot tree, that’s an individual player’s shot. that’s shot night. if you’re lucky, you’ll even name a new shot. jabull (pronounced “yay-bull”): jager + red bull. mmm…

allright, time for the stats:

the shots (and total number of each) shot night scoreboard

jabull: 17.5 red bull + vodka: 8 irish car bombs: 6 (more than a shot, duh) jager: 5 belve: 5 lemondrop: 5 vodka + livewire: 5 vodka + dew: 3 baby guinness: 2 baileys on the rocks: 2 (ok, it's not a shot) goldie: 2

individual scores

joe: 13.5 sarah: 13.5 andrew: 12.5 jeff: 12.5 lisa: 9.5 matt: 2 (he had wine, too, don't worry)

total shots done: 63.5

and then we went out. yeah, that’s shot night. that’s badass.