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  • February 11, 2003
  • February 11, 2003

    is apple finally going to get some market share in the server space? will enterprises (small/medium/large, what-have-you…) consider apple technology as add-ons or perhaps even as replacements for some of their existing infrastructure? based on the recent xserve announcements, i find it hard to believe this isn’t a possibility.

    i for one certainly hope this is apple’s break. the reaction to the xserve’s debut last year was impressive (albeit more of a “wow” factor than respect). the recent upgrade and introduction of the xserve raid put the focus where it belongs: on the hardware.

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  • February 10, 2003

    welcome to v3 of, the latest incarnation of my personal site. it came out a little later than expected but you know how that goes sometimes… v1 and v2 are still available (of course) but these won’t get any more of my attention from here on out.

    v3 will feature such wholesome goodness as photos, various posts, rants, raves, and a healthy collection of links</a>.

    enjoy it while it’s here, and of course let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see… peace out.