mmm xserve...

February 11, 2003



is apple finally going to get some market share in the server space? will enterprises (small/medium/large, what-have-you…) consider apple technology as add-ons or perhaps even as replacements for some of their existing infrastructure? based on the recent xserve announcements, i find it hard to believe this isn’t a possibility.

i for one certainly hope this is apple’s break. the reaction to the xserve’s debut last year was impressive (albeit more of a “wow” factor than respect). the recent upgrade and introduction of the xserve raid put the focus where it belongs: on the hardware. of course we here at united won’t be jumping on the bandwagon any time soon… disappointing, but i think the last thing we need right now is to think about replacing all our hardware and sys engineering skills… on the other hand, the thought of 2.52TB of data sitting in 3U of rack space blows my mind! performance, reliability, ease-of-use, cost – these are the things that count, and it looks like apple is bringin it for real.

of course don’t mistake my drooling for that of just another mac addict. i’ll be the first to say “if it doesn’t do the job don’t even bother” when it applies. until i see more benchmarks (or have the opportunity to give an xserve a test drive) i’m not going to get into a platform or vendor war. i’m just looking forward to seeing how this thing does in the real world and to reading some end-user feedback. the specs certainly are impressive, and the price/value looks outstanding. only time will tell what the xserves mean for the industry.

not to mention for apple.