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  • October 31, 2003

    i did a clean install of panther the other night on the ibook… amazing improvement in performance, like a new machine! for the most part, things are working perfectly, especially after i went back in and configured stuff to my liking. looks like there were some under-the-hood changes, as is the case with any upgrade. one thing in particular came up when trying to send email from

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  • October 22, 2003

    just when i thought i’d gotten away from DC and all the politics, i made the mistake of reading CNN on the train… looks like politicians really do think they know more than doctors, and of course the bush brothers are right in the thick of it all…

    first, jeb orders a comatose woman’s feeding tube to be reinserted, overruling a court order that she be allowed to die. the woman has been in a “persistent vegetative state since suffering heart failure in 1990” and the feeding tube was removed 6 days ago at the request of her husband. her doctors say she is “responsive but shows no significant cognitive ability” and that she likely won’t ever recover. so, why keep her alive? her parents think that her husband wants to take the insurance money and run off with another woman. crazy.

    then, the senate votes to ban “partial birth” abortions, imposing the “most far-reaching limits on abortion” sine roe v. wade. the arguments on both sides couldn’t be more polarized, check it out:

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  • October 15, 2003

    “we can only pray that when that young man goes to work tomorrow, when he goes home to his family tonight, that people will understand the position he was in. anyone would have done the same thing…”

    oh, give me a break. those silly announcers kept stressing the need to be cool and not kick mr. interference’s ass – as if it would make any difference… the position he was in?!?! the position of not putting his hand into alou’s glove and knocking the ball away?!?!? he deservers whatever he got, fo sho. you know, that poor dude probably got killed as soon as he left wrigley! if the security entourage leading him out of the ballpark and his face being plastered all over the tv wasn’t enough to draw attention, i’m sure the swarm of finger-pointing hooligans did the trick… good luck, man. good luck.

  • October 12, 2003

    ok, i really have been meaning to post… thanks to tim and joe, who pointed out that i haven’t posted in about a month, i am now… :) recently a lot has been happening, but while i’ve had a ton of content just ripe for the site, i didn’t have the time to type it out! so here goes, and thanks for stickin’ around!

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