howdy everybody!

October 12, 2003



ok, i really have been meaning to post… thanks to tim and joe, who pointed out that i haven’t posted in about a month, i am now… :) recently a lot has been happening, but while i’ve had a ton of content just ripe for the site, i didn’t have the time to type it out! so here goes, and thanks for stickin’ around! most of you know that i’ve moved, since that’s the most obvious change going on… see this place right here? it’s mine. that’s right, i’m a homeowner (ok, a condo-owner)! crazy, eh?!?! the buying process went pretty smoothly (or at least that’s what everyone else said!)… thanks to my parents and brother for all their help! couldn’t have done it without them!

the move itself was a little more work. first, stupid u-haul didn’t have any trucks, even though i had a reservation. just like that seinfeld episode: “see, you know how to take the reservation. you just don’t know how to hold the reservation… and that’s really the most important part of the reservation, the holding!” luckily jason got a trailer (from u-haul, bastards) and tim brought over a kickin’ van to haul stuff. big props to the crew of friends that lugged all my stuff up to the 4th floor! i probably still owe them beer for that! now it’s just a matter of unpacking and getting things setup. i’ll have more pics as soon as things get cleaned up a bit… and, of course, there will be a condowarming party sometime, so watch your inboxes!

in other news, i switched groups at work. i’m now in information security, looking at application security, vunlerability assessments, wi-fi, linux, etc. i still have the opportunity to do application development, thankfully. i’m sure i’ll be posting about some of my experiences there as time goes on!

that’s all for now, look for more photos in the upcoming weeks as my life gets back to normal! whatever that is….