i'm blaming the fan

October 14, 2003



“we can only pray that when that young man goes to work tomorrow, when he goes home to his family tonight, that people will understand the position he was in. anyone would have done the same thing…”

oh, give me a break. those silly announcers kept stressing the need to be cool and not kick mr. interference’s ass – as if it would make any difference… the position he was in?!?! the position of not putting his hand into alou’s glove and knocking the ball away?!?!? he deservers whatever he got, fo sho. you know, that poor dude probably got killed as soon as he left wrigley! if the security entourage leading him out of the ballpark and his face being plastered all over the tv wasn’t enough to draw attention, i’m sure the swarm of finger-pointing hooligans did the trick… good luck, man. good luck.