it ain't the power tools

September 03, 2003



satisfaction clipsfirst, hella mad props to najim for this. and then a quick but sincere WTF to everyone else for not bringing this to my attention sooner. i mean, honestly… what did you think you were accomplishing by hiding this from me?!?!? no good can come from deceit, people. no good.

if you’re still in the dark despite these freeze frames here, i suppose i feel more sorry than anything else. check out benny benassi’s video: satisfaction. (just select your connection speed and be patient.) make sure you’re in a secluded environment, though, since the video features a bunch of models using power tools. really, that’s basically it. of course, they’re all hot, and have basically nothing on, so what more do you need? … … … … … … …sorry i had to go watch it again. and speaking of which, why are you still reading this?!?! the video awaits!!! go go go!!!!!!!