staying home sick

December 18, 2003



staying home sick, especially w/out cable, is just torture. i did it once monday, and unfortunately had to do it again today… today has been better, both in terms of my health and in terms of what’s on tv…

on monday i was flipping through channels, and came across good day live on fox. there’s nothing like watching three completly self-involved idiots (including henry winkler and that chick from extreme dating) putting their own personal spin on biggest news story of the past year:

"when i first saw the saddam video, i thought 'why are they checking fidel castro for lice?!?!' my son thought it was santa....... and did you know that time magazine was going to run a cover of jesus christ, but replaced it with saddam. from one bearded middle-eastern guy to another!"

and just to give you some idea of the REST of the 5 minutes i watched… the next “story” was a wonderfully setup clip of henry winkler on “arrested development:”

"so, this weekend, what'd you do henry?" "well, i actually had a great weekend, i was on arrested development."

and then, one of them had the nerve to stop the producers from going to commercial with: “no no, don’t run the music. i have one more thing before commercial.” huh? they can do that? must be a living hell to work on that show.