live without the iPod?!?!

December 26, 2003



i followed a slashdot link to tips for traveling with tech gear, thinking it’d offer some insight… instead, it basically said “carry less tech shit,” as if that was a revalation. personally, i’d prefer to bring less clothes than less gear, but that’s just me. here’s the best quote from the article:

"You need less electronic junk than you may think, and it's important to take advantage of the chance to unplug," says Rob Pegoraro, consumer technology editor for the Washington Post. "Try living without the iPod for a few days. One cell phone is enough and the BlackBerry doesn't need to follow you everywhere. Most important, leave the laptop at home unless somebody's paying you to take it along--borrow friends' computers or stop in any cybercafe if you feel compelled to check your e-mail. If you do bring a laptop, leave as many of its accessories at home as possible."

is he for real? try living without the iPod for a few days? the whole point of having the iPod is to take your music with you, especially on a flight. plus, honestly, it’s the lowest-maintenance gadget i seem to have, next to the cell. iPod + headphones + charger = easy.

i must admit, though, this little quote struck home. i travel pretty gadget-heavy: iBook, iPod, cell, blackberry (work), chargers, etc. and usually the d100 comes along for the flight, complete with lenses, CF cards, flash, batteries… but hey, i really don’t mind. all of it goes through the xray without incident, and it keeps me busy when i’m waiting for my name to be called!

happy holidays, everyone. travel safe.