mmm mmm dinner

July 15, 2003



steak dinner, mmm tonight i made dinner. and not just your everyday lipton noodles or reheated pizza, but the type of dinner you want to tell everyone about. (but not quite in the in progress sense of tell…)

it started off as just a frozen steak left to me by my recently-floridianized parents. defrosted that in the micro for a few minutes, then marinated in italian dressing and coated in garlic powder. smellin great already! i broiled that in the oven for a while, flipping every 10 minutes or so. then i started thinking: what else can i add? cheese, always good. red onions, of course. and salsa. definitely a mexican theme, i can’t deny it.

i grilled the onions for a bit in a frying pan, just to get them a little browned. but i needed a side. creamed spinach (don’t laugh, i love it) seemed like a perfect fit. so i nuked that, and did the steak decorating in the meantime. tossed it all together, garnished with a nice red ring of salsa, beautiful. how did it taste? i am the iron chef.