itunes and album art

June 14, 2003



if you’re looking for a better way to get album art than downloading it manually and linking it to your music, search no further. fetch art for itunes is a plugin that downloads album art from amazon and adds it to the mp3’s id3 tag. while clutter is still cool for displaying the art on the desktop and in the dock, fetch art is so much easier to use. instead of only working on songs that are playing, fetch art can work on a group of songs, a playlist, or your whole library. just select some songs, run fetch art, and booyakasha you’re downloading the album art and updating the id3 tags. a couple caveats though: fetch art ties up itunes while it’s running, so don’t do it when you want to have control. fetch art also only works on mp3 files, so don’t bother trying to get art for your aac files. :)