that's "bitchslap your brain" good

June 25, 2003



anyone watch tv lately? i’ve recently gotten into it again, thanks to a slew of wacked out shows that i can’t avoid. first of all, you’ve got the obvious reality shows like “for love or money” and “real world paris”… but then, just when we thought there couldn’t be a better way to make chicks act like whores, along comes “paradise hotel!” (or as money calls it “paradise HOT-el”) now this is my kind of show: in order to stay on the show, you have to hook up. like really really hook up. it is kinda funny, though, that after only a week on the show, everyone has found their soulmate and get upset when that person flirts with anyone… “i thought we had a connection, but now i don’t know…” suckahs… “doggie fizzle televizzle” unfortunately wasn’t that funny, but i still had to watch. snoop can do no wrong, even though his show apparently can. he does occasionally get the slang in there, which i’m really trying to work into my daily conversizzle. since i haven’t had a chance to see “i’m with busey” i can’t say anything about it, but if the promos are any indication, it’s a riot.

“the new tnn” (or as i prefer to call it still, spike tv) has a great lineup, too. from the “most extreme elimination challenge,” which is a crazy japanese gameshow with overdubbed play-by-play a la mystery science theater 3000, to “stripperella,” a new stan lee animated series featuring the voice of pamela anderson, i’m hooked.

now i just need tivo so i can make sure i don’t miss anything.