techiegold describes chicago IT salaries

August 11, 2004



check this out, from techiegold's "salary report" page for chicago:

The major players on the Chicago IT scene are not VC-backed new kids on the block, but rather blue-chip companies showing steady growth. You've heard of Bank One, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and United Airlines? They're all major employers in this market.

Almost half of TechieGold's Chicago-area placements are networking professionals, while Application Development positions are on the rise. Overall, we've found that most employers in this region are looking for "jack-of-all-trades" IT professionals who are willing to be flexible.

don't know how i feel about being lumped in with bank one and bc/bs... i actually don't know how i feel about being included on this list! how do you think they picked those 3 as the "enterprises-to-mention" in the chicagoland area, anyway? what about allstate, boeing, and a lot of other places? i suppose we have quite a large number of IT people here, though. it'd be interesting to see the numbers for other companies.