correction, now i'm the iron chef

July 12, 2004



a while back i posted this about how i’m an awesome cook… certainly (despite the crappy photo) that meal rocked, but i now realize just how fantabulous i truly am. last week i made 3 kickass dinners (“stott’s spinach salad,” “holy-shit-that’s-spicy italian sausage omelet,” and “teriyaki-ginger stir fry”) and i’ve decided to share the wealth with you all in the form of recipes the stottsan way. so give these a shot and let me know what you think.

stott’s spinach salad

ingredients: » a boatload of fresh spinach » 3 strips bacon » 1 sweet red bell pepper » 2 hard boiled eggs » 2 green onions » cherry tomatos » creamy caesar dressing » fresh-ground pepper

instructions: » cook bacon well-done, then crumble » tear up the spinach, duh » cut up pepper into chunks, slice onions & eggs » mix all ingredients in bowl adding dressing to taste » add some fresh-ground pepper if you like » serve and worship my genius
holy-shit-that’s-spicy italian sausage omelet

ingredients: » 1 italian sausage » spicy (jalapeneo) shredded cheese » 3 eggs » some milk

instructions: » cook italian sausage, then cut into pieces » whisk eggs, adding milk to thicken » place sausage in omelet pan, heat » add eggs to pan w/ sausage » make an omelet (you’re on your own for that) » add cheese in middle and on top » slide onto plate and serve w/ OJ and coffee

teriyaki-ginger stir fry

ingredients: » 1 chicken breast (fresh or defrosted) » 1 sweet red bell pepper » 1 sweet yellow bell pepper » 1 carrot » 1 green onion » peapods » bamboo shoots » water chestnuts » baby corn » mushrooms » teriyaki sauce » ginger “sauce” or “paste” – little jar from the spice aisle » fresh-ground pepper » 2 cups japanese white rice » “hello kitty” rice cooker (a must) » wok oil & wok

instructions: » prep (cut up) all the veggies and set aside » cut chicken breast into chunks and put in fridge » prepare mixture of teriyaki sauce, 1 tbsp ginger “sauce” and pepper » make the rice, after soaking and draining » heat wok, then add 2 tbsp wok oil » add chicken to wok, cook for 2 minutes » add green onions and cook a bit longer » add other veggies, mixing constantly, cook a bit longer » add sauce and cook for a few minutes » stop cooking while veggies are still crunchy » serve on (or next to) white rice » eat with chopsticks, punk