greece wins the eurocup

July 10, 2004



last weekend, on the 4th, i was having lunch in greektown when greece won euro cup 2004. talk about a crazy street party, damn! everyone spilled out from 9 muses after the game ended and within minutes halsted was shut down. there were some idiots that insisted on throwing fireworks around, but for the most part everyone was just interested in having a good time – including the one dude that got up on a cta bus…

for some reason, no tv crews showed up, and i didn’t see any photographers. on that note, if anyone wants to purchase some pics (starting here) for your paper, drop me a line… the cops took an hour to officially close down the street, and even then they didn’t venture into the crowd. finally they started mingling, and a couple looked like they were having a great time. maybe they figured it was better than looking around for illegal fireworks parties and underage drinking…