farewell united, hello fishnet!

June 27, 2005



as many of you know, a couple weeks back i made a pretty substantial change: i moved from united airlines to fishnet security, where i’ll be helping to start and build the chicago region as a security engineer. while i’m certainly sad to leave some wonderful people (and projects and technologies) at united, this opportunity is one that i simply could not pass up.

i hadn’t posted about the move mainly since i was still getting settled in, and was learning more and more about my role as it was defined. but now that these things are progressing nicely, what i can say is that i’ll be providing infosec solutions for fishnet’s clients – specifically in the areas of pre/post sales engineering, consulting, and support. i’ll post updates when (and if) i can.

if you’re saying “yay, but what does this mean for me?” i can tell you a couple things – you can’t email me at united anymore and you can’t call my old cell phone. :) obviously many of you know how to get in touch with me, so this isn’t an issue, but if you don’t feel free to drop me a note and i can get you my new info. or find me on linkedin, especially if you’re an industry contact. and naturally if you’re looking for some information security solutions get in touch with me at fishnet…

thanks to everyone that has made these past few years special. i truly have learned a great deal during my time at united, and i only hope the feeling was, in the slightest way, mutual. take care.