thanks comcast!

April 03, 2003



for the last two days, we’ve been without cable tv. what’s more, due to our “let’s put all our eggs in one basket” mentality, we’ve been without cable internet. sure, it seems like a good plan to only have to deal with one service provider, one installation, one bill… but when one freaking cable gets disconnected from the pole in the alley, you’re in the shit.

the only good thing about cable internet i’ve found so far is the speed. hopefully the neighborhood won’t see an explosion in the number of cable internet subscribers, so we’ll be able to keep downloading at will. so why don’t we switch to dsl then? because the real reason we don’t have dsl is that we don’t have a phone. at least not a landline. since the 3 of us each have a cell, there’s no point in paying for a phone. but getting back to the point, two days this has been going on. it all started with yours truly reporting an outage on tues night, and comcast saying “well, we don’t have any reports of an outage.” um, yeeeah, that’s what i’m doing, silly. i was told an emergency crew would be out shortly, which seemed like a good idea to me. still, a few hours later, nothing was up: just snow on the tv and “cannot connect to server” on the puter…

i called back and was politely informed that “the issue has been resolved, no more outage in your area…” all fine and good, except that it hadn’t been resolved. comcast scheduled a service appointment, and of course the soonest was thursday evening. (and you know you’re screwed when you hear “well, if that doesn’t work, i have next week.” naw, i’ll take thursday, thanks though)

so the guys came out today (early, imagine that) and poked around in the basement. then one of the dudes decided to check the pole in the back, and found our cable disconnected from the pole. he hypothesized that when the emergency crew was out on tuesday night, they disconnected us and never got their reconnect on. ummmm, OOPS. leave it to the emergency crew to get things fixed the first time.

now i can go check my email at will, and surf through a few hundred channels. who’s back in the game? andrew. andrew’s back in the game.