apple comes through

April 30, 2003



new itunes, new ipod, new online music service. you go apple.

itunes screenshot i especially like the new itunes, what with its rendezvous sharing and all… finally, i can just play all my music that’s on my desktop from my ibook. no more need to mount network drives, update multiple libraries, any of that. check out the screenshot on the right: dope shiznit all up in the wireless grill! on top of that, i can really share the music, thanks to our friend the internet. just go to connect to shared music and you’re in business. there was only one real stumbling block, the firewall i had on my desktop. to get things working, i just had to open up port 3689. i don’t know why apple doesn’t update the firewall pref pane with a checkbox for itunes sharing… oh well.

first impressions of the online music service are also very good… previews are fast (really fast), there’s a bunch of music, and the store is freakin slick. of course, i haven’t bought anything yet, but supposedly that’s pretty smooth, too. $.99 for a song, and most albums are $9.99 (or less if it’s older)… much better than $15 for a cd that has 2 good songs on it anyway!

on the marketing front, apple as usual comes out with some winners. a bunch of tv ads show just how much fun you can have with a new ipod, of course playing songs downloaded from the music store. duh! my personal faves are jacob doing "lose yourself" and nic doing "baby got back"…

so tell me, apple, when can we send in our own videos?!?!?!

update (2003.05.18): apple apparently has removed the ads from their site… too bad, they were pretty sweet. you may still be able to catch them on tv, though! good luck!