linking to the apple music store

April 30, 2003



thanks to a couple hardworking guys (bill bumgarner and fuse), here’s an easy way to link directly to the itunes store.

the basic structure of the link should be as follows:

variables passed at the end give the search terms and are as follows:

songTerm (the title you are searching for)
artistTerm (the artist)
albumTerm (the album name)
composerTerm (the composer)

for example to do a search for fight test by the flaming lips, use this: songTerm=Fight%20Test&artistTerm=Flaming%20Lips (click to try it)

if you want to have the results show up in itunes itself replace http with itms. (click to try the itms link) of course, that’ll only work for you mac junkies out there, but hey… i’ll probably still link to amazon from the media section but might add some additional links to the music store. maybe if the user is on a mac, display the links, hmm. tons of possibilities!