apple online music service?

April 27, 2003



there's a story on billboard re the new apple online music service, which is expected to be announced monday 4/28. looks like the rumors have been true, at least to a point:

High-quality design and simplicity of use are expected to be the hallmarks of the new digital music service from Apple Computer, to be unveiled Monday (April 28), Billboard Bulletin reports.

Label sources tell Bulletin that the service is an a la carte download store -- not unlike that of rival Liquid Audio -- that is built into Apple's iTunes player. No subscription is required for the service, and tracks are expected to retail for an average of 99 cents. Once purchased, tracks are transferred to the consumer's iTunes music library and are automatically synched to the user's iPod portable player.

if this all actually goes down tomorrow, i'll be interested in seeing what content is available. if they get some quality acts to get on board (which, based on the old itunes/ipod commercials seems more than possible) this might be something that takes off. i'd certainly buy a few singles for $.99 each. i'm wondering, also, what the security will be like on these files and in the online store. of course, anything can and will be hacked given enough time, so it'll be interesting to see what apple tries.