cubs scalping exposed!

April 10, 2003



scalping is illegal, right? turns out, it depends on who’s doing the scalping! on steve dahl today, they were talking with greg couch, a reporter for the sun times. greg did a story today about the cubs scalping their own tickets for as much as $1500 at “wrigley field premium ticket services,” just up clark from wrigley. this all comes from a lawsuit filed last october against the cubs for fraud and scalping… go cubbies! anyway, here’s how it works: the cubs set aside a bunch of tickets earmarked for the brokerage. would-be buyers @ wrigley are turned away, being told that tickets are “sold out.” of course, if they really want tickets, the fans can pick up some at “wrigley field premium ticket services” down the street. of course, the tickets are a bit more expensive @ the broker… and to get around the actual “scalping” issues, the cubs actually sell the tickets to the broker. all scheming and suspect, but what solid connection is there between the brokerage and the cubs organization? not much, other than the two companies sharing accountants and management, and the fact that the brokerage is a cubs subsidiary… enough evidence for ya?

although the reality is glaring, the flip side has a strong case, too… if the cubs didn’t scalp their own tickets, someone else would do it for them. that already happens now, obviously. in addition, the cubs say fans should be more confident the tickets are legit @ their broker. why go to a shady broker when you can hit up a sanctioned outlet and overpay?!?!?!

but come on… by basically jacking up the face value, they’re helping to make it easier for the other brokers to get $$$ for tickets. do you want to, one day, have to pay $100 for your cubs tix? or at the very least, not have any choice in it? shit, i say just raise the freakin prices on the tickets, and sell them @ the box office. why trick everyone just to make some more money? what do you think? let everyone know right down there…