the return of napster?

May 19, 2003



looks like napster will once again be a hot topic. today roxio announced that it has purchased pressplay (hailed as the “struggling online music service”) and will combine this new asset with the napster name (roxio bought this last year for $5M) to launch a new online music service.

"Roxio's acquisition of Pressplay significantly accelerates the development of our online music business which is central to the strategic development of our company," said Chris Gorog, Roxio's Chairman and CEO. "With our acquisition of Napster we obtained the most powerful brand in the online music space. Now, with our acquisition of Pressplay, we have the most complete and scaleable legal technology infrastructure to use as a platform to re-launch Napster. After taking the necessary time to add features, enhance functionality and improve usability we will launch a new service with an extremely compelling consumer experience that builds on the qualities of the Napster brand."

so, a legal and pay way to download music… never heard of that before! i wonder how difficult it’ll be to convince the world that they should fork over money for using napster…