shot night 2

January 25, 2004



shot night reared it’s ugly head again this weekend… and once again it didn’t take any prisoners. actually, it left quite a few participants curled up throughout my condo… shot night 2

first things first: there were some key differences this time around. in shot night part deux, all shots (save for the jabulls) were real. you’ll notice that in shot night 1, there were a lot of “mixed” shots, like vodka and livewire, etc. this time, 1 shot = 1.5oz of alcohol. werd. that makes the numbers even more impressive… it also explains the other key difference: we didn’t go out afterwards. :)

the early predictions (read trash talking) were dead on, with andreas reprezentin’ true-to-form for norway and sarah trying to defend her crown. however, a repeat wasn’t in the cards for the shot night queen, as andreas came away with the victory and the “best performance by a newcomer” title. the award for “best display of total and utter reckless abandon,” though, clearly goes to feakins. kudos, my man, kudos. ok, enough of my commentary, here are the stats:

the shots

jabull: 17 jager: 17 aquavit: 11 citron: 10 baileys: 6 peppermint schnapps: 4 tequila: 4 vodka: 4 screwdriver: 3 midori: 3 malibu: 2

individual scores

andreas: 15 aaron: 14 andrew: 12 sarah: 11 jeff: 11 lisa: 7 dave: 6 (+1 for a liquor run) joe: 5

total shots done: 81