techie toys arrive!

February 02, 2004



despite being “promised” for february 3rd, i hooked up the sbc/yahoo dsl equipment, and voila! guess who has smokin’ broadband again?!?! connected at a tasty 1536Kbps down… i must say, the install process (from when i hooked up my parents) is much improved. it messed w/ the network settings, but otherwise no ill effects. after i was successfully online i just dropped the linksys in place, and dhcp got it’s assigning on. not bad, in about 20 minutes everything was back to normal, wireless included. everyone is now happily back online, getting some much needed updates/patches.

i didn’t want to go with sbc/yahoo dsl at first, but you just can’t beat the $27.99/mo price anywhere… speakeasy is awesome (or so i’ve heard from a number of people) but $50/mo is just too much. while i’m sure the service is better (customer, i mean, i know the speed is better) i just can’t justify almost 2x the cost. and in case you’re wondering, i got so sick of comcast that i didn’t even consider cable again. those people are incompetent, at least the ones i talked to on the phone. “hi, my cable modem isn’t getting a signal, any outages in chicago?” “did you reboot your computer?” “um, no, the modem itself isn’t getting a connection. are there outages you know about? if so, that’s cool, i was just wondering.” “sir, you’ll need to reboot your computer.” and so on, and so on!

what’s more, directv (with tivo) should be all up monday morning, too. can’t wait for that… i’ll of course post as soon as i get it going. i already know what i’ll be tivo’ing for the week, how crazy is that?!?! a little las vegas, a little mtv, a little curb your enthusiasm, and of course the grammy’s next sunday… never again will i have to watch infomercials just b/c there’s nothing on. never again…

oh well, keep your fingers crossed for me and the utilities!