assassinations makes things awkward

August 02, 2003



last weekend lori and i went to dall-ass tex-ass for the john mayer & counting crows concert. i mean, why go to tweeter to see the show when you can see it in dallas, right?!?! despite the crazy 95+ degree heat, we were able to wander around the city, snapping away with the digicams (mine start here, i’m not sure where lori’s are)… and even though dallas has some of the worst drivers i’ve ever seen, lori expertly maneuvered us in the rental. from deep ellum to lower greenville, i was starting to think i’d seen it all.

but then we got to dealey plaza, and everything i’d been missing was right before my eyes: the texas schoolbook depository, the grassy knoll, the big freakin X in the middle of the street. “um, is this it?” of course this is it, silly. right here on this very spot, this hallowed ground… this is where they filmed JFK!

but seriously, how unnerving is it to stand on the spot where a president was assassinated, even after more than 30 years have passed? very. i got a few photos (1, 2, 3) to serve as permanent reminders, but i don’t think anything can replace the feeling of just being there.