computers are better than paper

August 07, 2003



did you see this article about the “catastrophic hardware failure” that resulted in lost data for the D.C. police department? i know this happens all the time somewhere or other, but some of these quotes are just hilarious. of course, if it’d been me that got burned, i might not think it was all so funny:

Michael Schader, the Criminal Intelligence Information System's chief engineer, agrees that the system is "clumsy" and "extraordinarily difficult to use," often causing detectives to believe their work has been erased or lost. But Lopez said the Metropolitan Police Department plans to keep using the system. To ensure that there are no further hardware failures, he said, the department has replaced some parts, reconfigured the system and instituted regular checks. "It's the best document-case system that MPD has," Lopez said. "And it's definitely much better than what they used in the past." He was referring to paper files.

well at least it beats paper. rest easy, D.C… rest easy…