sucks to have dish

March 09, 2004



wow, i’m really glad i got directv. after this week’s make-the-world-hate-us move by DISH networks, their subscribers are left w/out mtv, bet, comedy central, vh1, nick, and local cbs… damn, especially as march madness arrives. DISH of course points to viacom’s rate increases, and viacom points right back to DISH’s own subscriber hike. from viacom’s press release comes some awfully strong language:

Fortunately, consumers have a choice. Current EchoStar/DISH Network subscribers who would like to continue receiving BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, VH1, and all our other channels can easily switch to one of these reputable operators. We urge them to do so.

i’d seen the crawl on viacom-owned stations like mtv and comedy central this past week: “if you have DISH this channel could go away!” naturally since i don’t have DISH, i didn’t really care. argue amongst yourselves while the subscribers wind up losing. then tonight on comedy central, viacom poured it on thick again. sure it’s a petty jab, but it’s still great. here’s the transcript for ya, if only b/c i can…

Thanks to the DISH Network, the best comedy on TV is going bye-bye. South Park, gone. Chappelle's Show, peace out. Reno 911, 86'd. The Juggies, bounced. The Daily Show, more like the Never Show. So if you know anyone w/ the DISH network, make room on your couch. 'Cause they'll be spending a whole 'lotta time watching comedy at your house. Comedy Central, now only on cable and DirecTV.

sorry, DISH. something tells me that viacom has more motivational ability than you do. at least a couple people that i know w/ DISH are thinking about switching. do you really think you can just take away the best channels and still keep your customers?!?! good luck w/ that.