all right, eternity

March 07, 2004



caught a great episode of curb your enthusiasm tonight… larry and cheryl were renewing their wedding vows, and cheryl was practicing hers in front of larry. she yada-yada’d about loving larry for “all eternity” and he stopped her.

Larry: wait... you mean this is, continuing into the afterlife? Cheryl: yeah, that's the idea... do you have a problem with that? L: i thought this was over at death... i didn't know we went into eternity together... isn't that what it said, 'till death do us part?' C: do you have a problem with eternity? we finally found each other, and we're celebrating this for all eternity L: i just, i guess i had a different plan for eternity... i thought i'd be single, or something...

classic. later, during the actual ceremony (where he forgot his vows and made up “it’s going really really really good” off the top of his head) cheryl somehow got him to agree. “all right, eternity.” oh, and i can’t forget to mention gina gershon playing the hot wife of larry’s cleaner, complete with the mad crush on larry.

the season finale should be awesome next week. 1hr, with a ton of guest stars: david schwimmer, mel brooks, nathan lane… sunday 3/14 @ 10pm/9c. you go tivo.