know anyone who uses os7?

May 08, 2003



cause apparently does. or at least they’re half expecting a rogue user to come across their site, have problems, and submit technical support feedback… but first some background…

while on tonight (shut up) i experienced firsthand a weird process-based snafu. i added a few t’s to my shopping cart, and then decided to go to bed w/out buying anything. i wanted to save my cart so i didn’t have to add the shirts again tomorrow when i go back to complete my purchase. lucky for me, gap has a sweet “save your shopping cart” option, so i clicked. simple, right? unfortunately, the link points to a registration page asking for the standard info and promising “personalized shopping services” and “fast and easy access” etc etc. but, wait a minute! i’m already registered @! where’s the “sign in” form, instead of this “sign up” form? feedback screenshot needeless to say, i was at that point on a mission. i backed out of the registration page and signed in normally. then i went back to the shopping cart contents page, and again clicked in an attempt to save my cart. um, same stupid registration page. so now, being happily signed in, why do i still get a registration page? you already know all my info, duh. someone goofed. (update: after signing out and then back in, my t’s were back in the cart. looks like it does save the contents, just not in any intuitive fashion…)

naturally, being a considerate web developer, i wanted to point this out to the techies responsible. although i know the likelyhood they’ll ever receive the comment is zilch, i had to give it a shot. i went to the technical questions feedback page and what did i find but a horribly out-of-date operating systems select box?!?!?!

come on, “MacOS7” and “MacOS8?” guess no one uses 9 or X, eh? and although i do know some people still use windows 3.1, i’d venture a guess that has at least one or two XP or win2k users (and that those users have problems, heh)… makes you wonder what they do with the feedback sent in by users with “other” operating systems and “other” browsers! hopefully it doesn’t just go in the trash. anyway, just another fine example of a poor implementation of an otherwise well-meaning idea.