How to Get Into Shore Club

October 27, 2009



Are you going to Miami, and want to check out Shore Club, one of the hottest outdoor clubs in South Beach? Maybe you’re there right now, trying to figure out how to get past the multiple layers of defense at the door? No need to sneak through, hop the fence, or slip the guys $100 — just read this and you’re guaranteed to get in.

Be famous

Duh, you might say. If you were famous, you could just walk right in… Considering you’re reading my blog, this tip probably doesn’t apply to you. Assuming you’re just a regular guy, you’ve still got a couple options:

  1. Find some famous people and tag along when they go to Shore Club.
  2. Throw a party and invite some famous people.

OK, enough kidding around — let’s get to the real tips.

Bring girls

If you and your “dude posse” roll up on the door at Shore Club, you might be standing there for a while. Girls are your ticket into the clubs of South Beach, as they are in many other cities around the world. Of course, if you’re light in this department, all is not lost. Keep reading…

Look the part

I cannot stress this enough: if you’re scared, nervous, overwhelmed, or just a bit out of place, you will not get in. Be cool, and act like you belong. Even if you’ve never been to Shore Club before, act like you have. Don’t be cocky, that’s not what I’m getting at… Just relax, and the door guys will feel the vibe you’re putting out there.

On our first night in South Beach, we played 20 questions with the door staff and were ushered through… Here’s the gist of it, feel free to copy as needed.

Door: “Are you here for a party?” Us: “No, we’re just looking to have a few drinks and enjoy ourselves.”

D: “Do you live in Miami?” U: “Nope, we’re in town for the weekend from Chicago.”

D: “Is this your first time to Shore Club?” U: “No, we come every time we get down to Miami.”

D: “Welcome to Shore Club, have a good night.” U: “Always do, thanks!”

Wardrobe is crucial, too. Beach wear doesn’t have a chance at Shore Club, but you’ve still got to be comfortable — you will be outside, after all. Dressing like this is a good start:

We're in Miami, Bitch.

That’s what we wore to Shore Club on our second night, and we got right in. No questions, either — an equally well-dressed door guy saw us coming, and dropped the rope. Booyeah.

Final thoughts

Give the above tips a shot, and let me know how it works. It’s certainly worth a try, since Shore Club is hot. While you’re in South Beach, too, be sure to stop by the nearby Delano Hotel — the outdoor pool beds are totally pimp and the bar inside is always hoppin’. You can skip SET Nightclub, though… That place is a complete and utter joke.

Of course, this all assumes that the Shore Club is still around by the time you show up… Looks like they’ve gone delinquent on their $111.5 million mortgage