wow, that's some horribly hot acting

June 14, 2004



i was all excited for tonight’s premiere of fox’s north shore – probably too excited. i mean, it is hawaii, and it is fox. and of course don’t forget that brooke burns is on… but even though everyone was crazy hot, the acting was seriously some of the worst i’ve ever seen on tv. of course, there were some super skanky lines, like “you wanna do it or what?!?!” (from a 15 year-old) and “it isn’t safe to swim alone…” (from a tennis star) but other than those gems, the show sucked.

so here’s my challenge to fox: send me to hawaii and put me in a show where all i do is hang out on the beach and chat up hot surfrer girls. i’ll rock. no joke. but seriously, all this makes me want to go back to oahu. damn, just back from one vacation and i already want to go on another. could i be any more spoiled?!?!?!