what's the best airport food value?

June 08, 2004



for my cheddar, it has to be mcdonald’s. i know, i don’t even eat it normally. but at ORD there isn’t any other place where you can pick up a meal and a drink for under $5. sure you can hit up wolfgang puck’s, but you’re lucky to get out of there without having to hand over a freaking gold card… i got my standard meal deal of a quarter-pounder/fries/lemonade and sat with some crazy people in the international terminal a couple weeks ago. one guy i swear was writing a novel on a matchbook, even though the matchbook and the pen were both black. hmm.

on a related note, i have no idea why there’s only the one food court in terminal 5… apologies to all the out-of-countryers who get screwed with the cuisine selection. what’s more, you have to leave the gate area and go back to the terminal to get food, only to have to get x-ray’d again. i really figured they would’ve done a better job with that terminal, but oh well. luckily i don’t have to fly there often. :)