what has tv come to?

March 19, 2003



has the travel channel sunk to a new low? i know, i know, their offering of “bikini blast: ujena 2” wasn’t exactly stellar television, but they typically have some quality stuff.

we just finished watching the “world’s best: top 10 outrageous bathrooms”, since everything else is war war war… all i have to say is “wow.” the sad part, apart from us getting hooked, was that the bathrooms weren’t even that good! there were a couple interesting johns, like cafe bleu in greenwich, ct. they have glass walls and doors that fog up at the flip of a switch. while i’d love that for my own windows here at the apartment, i’m not sure i’d make a trip to connecticut to give them a trial run. there also was a spot on XL in nyc. like the idea of a co-ed bathroom that has a giant fishtank in the middle? XL is the place for you, suckah.

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