the great flickr migration

January 06, 2009



Happy New Year to everyone!

Part of my plan for this year (not really a resolution) is to move more content up into the “cloud…” Photos, backups, documents, etc… To that end, I have migrated a bunch of my photo galleries from to Flickr.

All the recent galleries are there, including Puerto Rico 2008, Memphis 2008, Cubs Game 8/28/2008, New York 2008, Jeff’s 30th Birthday Party, and Fashion Party 2008. A lot of older ones are up, too, including Europe 2004, Hawaii 2005, London/Paris 2006, and South Beach 2006… Wow, I do love to travel! And if you’re looking for Dubious Moniker or other Tyranny Belle shows, those are all in the concerts collection.

As part of this migration, I’ve also tweaked the code at a bit. Now when viewing galleries that have a corresponding home @ Flickr, you’ll see the new link at the top of the page. Nothing fancy – it’s just there to help get the word out. I’ll keep moving some of the older galleries up as I get the time, but I figured this was a good point to make the announcement.

So update your bookmarks, comment/share at will over on Flickr, but most importantly enjoy the new digs!