san juan 2008

September 05, 2008



it's been a busy summer, complete with a couple vacations and a few too many cubs games. i keep meaning to post details, but of course that never happens... so here goes, time to get you caught up!

actually, summer got started back in march, with a spring break trip down to san juan, puerto rico. elena and i went with jeff and lisa, so you know it didn't suck. the timing worked out perfectly... even though elena and lisa had their breaks a week apart, we were able to overlap with an extended weekend right in between.

we stayed at the san juan water & beach club, a boutique hotel just a bit east of san juan in isla verde. needless to say, it's a hot place... rooftop pool, sushi bar, and real bar, plus it's right on the beach. i can't say enough about the staff, either, everyone was awesome. good pick by jeff, for sure!

you probably already figured this out, but PR is a perfect vacation spot. it has all the necessary ingredients: history and culture, plus awesome food, weather, and scenery... between exploring old san juan, touring the forts, driving along the coast, and hiking through el yunque (the rain forest) we got a lot accomplished. don't worry, we were able to squeeze in some beach and pool time, too.

naturally, lots of pics are up, and i've put some keepers on my portfolio site, too. here are a few faves:

relaxation, poolside la coca falls, el yunque el moro ipod san juan skyline, sunset

so next time you're looking for a quick caribbean getaway, just head down to san juan. you don't even need to bring your passport!

anyway, more posts coming soon, gotta share the rest of the summer...