Our Wedding Table Numbers

August 06, 2012



A few people have asked about the “Table Numbers” (aka “City Names”) that we used at our wedding, and I wanted to share both the story and the images themselves.

Elena and I have been very fortunate over the years to have travelled quite a bit, and we wanted to incorporate this into our wedding. Instead of the traditional “Table 1” model, we decided to go with city names of the places that we’ve travelled together. Some are far away (Paris, Amsterdam, Florence, Rome, London, etc) and some are closer to home (Detroit, Cleveland, West Palm Beach, Denver, Memphis, etc). We made the head table Chicago, and spread the rest of the cities out among our guests.

Of course, what’s a trip without photos?!?! We decided to set the city names (using our standard Ostrich Sans font) in a small yellow heart icon, and float that on top of a photo from each of the destinations. Once all of the 23 cities were printed, we put them into 5x7” frames, trying to match the place with the frame. Good times, and I really think that everything came together nicely!

Here is a shot of the final prints, right before we framed them and packed everything up:

And here are a few examples of the finished products, now helping to make our home a little brighter:

Finally, all of the cities that we used: